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The NAHJ Chicago Board would like to congratulate Social Media Coordinator Yvette Cruz.

Cruz has accepted a Web Producer position at KSL-TV, the NBC affiliate in Salt Lake City, Utah.  That’s only 45 minutes away from her hometown of Provo.

Cruz says she will be working with TV, radio and print teams in the newsroom to post content online while coming up with new ways to tell digital stories to reach different audiences.

“I think as the industry changes so does my dream job. This new position is a step in the right direction toward my dream job at the moment, which is to be an executive producer of social media for a news organization,” said Cruz.

The 26-year-old is currently an assignment desk editor at Univision Chicago.

“I’ve been part of an award-winning news team at Univision Chicago for the past three years and it’s been an incredible experience to work alongside and learn from my colleagues, but we also had a great leader. So my career goal is to one day lead an award-winning news team,” said Cruz.

Cruz has also been a part of the NAHJ Chicago Board for the last three years.  She’s filled the role of secretary and now social media coordinator.

“My passion is telling stories and I’m fascinated by the role social media plays in our everyday lives and how tons of people consume news and great stories through social media, so I’d love to do that for a living,” said Cruz.

Cruz says NAHJ has helped her in both her professional career and personal identity and she still plans on  spreading the mission of more Latinos in news.

“As a Latina in the newsroom I will continue to represent and serve the Hispanic community by making sure their stories are heard and shared,” said Cruz.

And while she calls Utah home, she says Chicago has made quite the impression on her.

“Whether they know it or not, every single person I have worked with or befriended in Chicago has taught me something and I am eternally grateful to all of them. Maybe one day I’ll write a book and they’ll all get to read about the impact they had on me,” said Cruz.


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