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The NAHJ Chicago Chapter is holding its 2019/2020 board elections. Consider taking your membership one step further by running for President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary or General at Large Member. Keep in mind, our board members take their roles seriously. This is a “working board” that strives to accomplish having #MoreLatinosInNews. Plan to meet at least once a month. Each year, the chapter focuses on three big events: the Nuevo Comienzo fundraiser in January, the spring Job Fair and the distribution of student scholarships. We also hold workshops, panels and other events throughout the year.

So if you think you have what it takes? Here’s what you need to do.

• You must be a “regular” status NAHJ member in good standing.
• You must collect 5 signatures from Chicago chapter members in good standing by July 15. (Feel free to use this as an incentive to recruit members)
• Prepare a Candidate Statement that explains why you’re running and what you have to offer and submit it by July 15
• Online Poll will open on July 17-18
•• Results will be revealed on or before June 19


Please use the following sample form as a guide to collect your 5 signatures:

I [Nominating Member Name], an employee of [The Company the Nominating Member Works for and Their Position] support the candidacy of [Candidate’s Name] for [Board Position} in the election of the NAHJ Chicago Chapter Board of Elections.

This statement counts as my virtual signature and I have included my full contact information below.




Please put my name and board position on the subject line, and send to and please CC me (your name) so I can have a copy. Thank you


Chapter Officer Descriptions

• Ensuring the chapter works to fulfill a strategic plan on the local level.
• Carrying out requirements to maintain chapter certification, including submitting the annual report.
• Making statements on behalf of the chapter and preside at most chapter events.
• Serving as the primary contact person for potential members.
• Working with chapter leaders to recruit new members and retain existing members.
• Being acquainted with most chapter members and work to meet their needs within the NAHJ mission. It is often the president’s vision that guides the programming at the chapter level and helps develop the national organization through chapter work.
• Grooming a successor through outreach, recruitment and skills building. It is often the case that you will need to ask people to run for office, tell them what the job entails and encourage them with some examples of how it has benefited you.
• Facilitating, supporting and assisting with activities intended to support the mission of NAHJ, as managed by the NAHJ staff and approved by the Board of Directors.
• Keeping members informed of chapter activities through newsletters, e-mails, fliers or other mechanisms.
• The president or any other board member from the chapter board must attend the annual convention. (Chapter may use its funds to pay for all or part of the convention expenses, however this it’s up to the chapter board’s discretion). Convening with other chapter presidents once a year is important, this meeting could also help with leadership training, skills building and networking.

Vice president
• In the absence of the president, the vice president shall perform all duties of the president.
• When so acting, the vice president shall have all the powers of, and be subject to all the restrictions on the president.
• The vice president shall assist the president and shall have other powers and perform such other duties as may be prescribed by the chapter board.

• Responsible for submitting an annual chapter budget to the national office and completing annual financial reports.
• Recipient of the chapter’s bank statements
• Keeping the local bank account open and in good standing
• Issuing checks from the local bank account to pay for chapter expenses.

• Taking minutes at meetings and sending them to chapter leaders and members.
• Greeting attendees at NAHJ events and asking them to sign in and make a nametag.
• Writing chapter e-mails or other communications.
• Updating membership contact list

General at Large Member/Social Media Coordinator
• Chapter website administrator
• Update all social media platforms
• Help create flyers
• Stay on top of member news and updates