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Among the list of NAHJ Ñ Award finalists is Sebastian Hidalgo a freelancer for the The Chicago Reporter.  Born and raised in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood, Hidalgo is a visual journalist and photographer.  You can also find his work in the Austin Weekly News and the Wednesday Journal.

Hidalgo, 22, is nominated for his piece on Chicago’s Gun Violence under the “Latino Issues- Student Broadcast Journalism” category.  It was the day hundreds of people marched through Chicago’s downtown carrying over 760 crosses to represent the number of people killed by gun violence in the city in 2016.

“Every time I looked into my viewfinder to take a photograph, I was overwhelmed with emotions projected by each person. I wanted the people that weren’t there that day, or who don’t deal with gun violence on a daily, to feel the way these families do,” says Hidalgo.


Vigil March for Gun Violence Victims in Chicago - Sebastian Hidalgo
Vigil March for Gun Violence Victims in Chicago – Sebastian Hidalgo

At such a young age, Hidalgo already has a big portfolio of photos and experiences. And he has some good advice for aspiring photojournalists.

“Believe in your ability to create meaningful photographs and invest yourself and your time to get closer to your story. As a photojournalist, you have an amazing tool to create change on all levels, small or big–believe in that and never settle for less. Always push on, even when life gets in the way, balance yourself and push harder,” says Hidalgo.


A man holds a white cross on Michigan Ave., Dec. 31, 2016, during a vigil march victims of gun violence. -Sebastian Hidalgo
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  • View his entry here:  ENTRY


Here is a complete of the finalists:

General Award Categories:

Latino Issues – Print/Digital Journalism

Ana Elena Azpurua – Al Dia/Dallas Morning News

Niños en éxodo – Buscan resguardo en Dallas/Coming to America: The difficult Choices Children Face When Seeking Refuge from El Salvador’s Violence

Luis Cruz – San Diego Union-Tribune 

Deported Mother Makes New Life in Tijuana

Jeremy Schwartz – Austin American-Statesman

Silent Majority: Texas’ Booming Hispanic Population Deeply Underrepresented in Local Politics

Latino Issues – Radio/Online Audio Journalism

Felix Contreras – NPR 

While The Politicians Argued, The Musicians Jammed

Maria Hinojosa – LATINO USA

The USA v. Oscar López Rivera

Tim Padgett – WRLN News 

Krome Portraits Aim to Humanize Immigrants in a Season of Demonization

Latino Issues – TV/Online Video Journalism

Nacho Corbella – Univision Noticias

Living in the Shadow of an Oil Rig

Eric Douat – Fusion

Outpost: Outside Influence

Natalie Osma – Fusion

Outpost: Outside Influence

Jason Sacca – CBS News Sunday Morning 


Latino Issues – Photography

Marie De Jesus – Houston Chronicle


Jason Potterton – ESPN

Life Beyond the Fight

Almudena Toral – Univision News Digital

La viralidad aterriza en un pueblo mexicano sin internet (los XV de Rubí en fotos)

Latino Issues – Student Print/Online Journalism

Lynda Gonzalez – Reporting Texas

Ending Obama Immigration Program Could Affect Texas Classrooms

Sebastian Hidalgo – The Chicago Reporter

Chicago’s Gun Violence

Latino Issues – Student Broadcast Journalism

Angélica M. Casas – PBS Newshour

The Latino Vote in Arizona

Romyna Camacho – CSUF Latino Communicators

First time voter as a U.S. Citizen

Al Neuharth Award for Investigative Journalism 

recognizes groundbreaking work by a journalist or a team that uses investigative journalism in the role of being a community’s watchdog. NAHJ is partnering with the Gannett Foundation to honor the best in investigative journalism. The winner of this award will receive a $5,000 prize, courtesy of the Gannett Foundation.

Ronny Rojas – Univision News Digital

Vacation in No Man’s Sea

Jeremy Schwartz – Austin American-Statesman

Unlivable: How Texas Fails Farmworkers

Seth Wessler – The Nation (in partnership with The Investigative Fund)

Dying in Private Prisons

NAHJ Elaine Rivera Civil Rights & Social Justice Award

recognizes excellencein coverage of civil rights of Latino Americans and/or issues of social justice for Latinos. Elaine Rivera, was a former NAHJ board member and working journalist with a commitment to social justice.

Jose Corbella – Univision Noticias 

The Toxic Air Latinos Breathe

Kristian Hernandez – The Monitor  

Sarching for Missing Migrants

María Sánchez Díez – Univision Noticias 



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