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The National Association of Hispanic Journalists Chicago Chapter is pleased and proud to announce our 2018 scholarship recipients. Thanks to the continuous support of our members, sponsors and supporters, we were able to raise enough money to grant three $2,000 scholarship to a Latino journalism student in the Chicago area. Our mission is not only to serve as mentors, but to create and identify resources to help our younger generation of Latino journalists to grow and succeed.

After reviewing a pool of very qualified candidates, we’ve found our top three. Each student submitted an essay, examples of their work, a financial needs statement, a transcript and resume. We want to congratulate the winners. NAHJ Chapter hopes that our scholarships inspire you to keep working towards your goal of getting into the newsrooms in this country. We would also like to salute all of those who applied even if they were not chosen. NAHJ Chicago encourages to keep working towards your goal, and please stay tuned for more opportunities.

NAHJ Chicago Chapter 2018 Scholarship winners

Jesus J. Montero

Montero is an aspiring multimedia journalist. He is currently completing his Journalism Masters at Depaul University and expects to graduate in May of 2020. Montero worked in a number of publications since his high school career. He was the Editor-in-Chief of the Morton Collegian, and then at DePaul, he became a reporter for both of the university’s publications, Good Day DePaul and DePaulia. As a graduate student, Montero has dedicated himself to freelance work in order to practice and perfect his craft. He is also a dedicated NAHJ Chicago Chapter member and a founder and president of the DePaul’s Latinx group.

Isabel Sophia Dieppa

Dieppa did not take the usual route to journalism, but she is making the path she sought, work in her favor. She obtained B.A in Arts in Anthropology and Theatre from Indiana University, but shortly after realized that she had another passion: writing. So she began freelancing. Her work has gotten published in various national magazines and online portals including Marie Claire, Centro Periodismo Investigativo de Puerto Rico, and more. Dieppa also enrolled in Northwestern University and hopes to obtain a masters in Journalism. She says her dream is to become an investigative journalist.

Rosbelis Quiñonez

Rosbelis is “the daughter of a strong censorship system,” and journalism has been her way to fight it, she wrote in her personal essay. Her passion for journalism is deeply rooted given the political, social and economic situation in her native Venezuela. She experienced that censorship as a radio and tv reporter in her country, and it was precisely that which led her to pursue a Masters in Journalism at DePaul University. She is currently a contributor writer for The DePaulia, the university’s print publication and expects to obtain her MA in Spring of 2018.